How To Have The Perfect First Date?

You’ve been crushing on this guy/ girl for months, and when you finally ask them out, you want to impress that someone with the most amazing first date of their lifetime! So, if you’re tired of the same old dinner-at-a-restaurant-kinda date; here are a few ideas to have the perfect first date.

When Dancing

It is universally acknowledged that dancing is a sure fire way of falling in love and many like the great writer Jane Austen have stated this. Since falling in love is the theme of the date why don’t you take your special someone dancing? Whether its ballroom dancing lessons or an energetic romp in a nightclub that you choose, dancing is sure to bring in perfect harmony for the two of you together. Visit this link for more info on ballroom dancing lessons Melbourne.

Picnic in a Garden

Pack a lunch with your special someone’s favorite dishes and take out to a picnic in a garden. Sitting under the cool shade of the trees, watching the splendor of nature around you and the smell of love in the air is one of the most romantic ways to spend a first date. Just be sure to ask your date if they have any special allergies so that you can avoid a disaster.

Go Hiking

For the truly adventurous lovers, there’s nothing like a hike to turn up the romance. Whether the hike is up to a mountain or just through a forest; you will be guaranteed of experiencing shots of both adrenaline and endorphins!

Dinner on the Beach

A classic option but it still manages to impress. If you want to lavish your date with something fancy, book a dinner by the beach at a luxury hotel and indulge in amazing gourmet food. But, if you want to go real simple but awesome, just pack a dinner for two and head out to the beach. Light some candles around your dining site and gaze out across the star strewn skies. If you’re good with the guitar play some romantic Ed Sheeran or James Arthur songs. These are just a few ideas to help you out; however, you can get quite creative and come up with your ideas. Find out what he or she is into and spend some time doing their favorite pastime, whether it’s checking out an art gallery, pottery or even cooking lessons. Spend some time discovering about your date’s preferences and surprise them with something that they would have never imagined you planning. Remember it’s not about how much money you spend on, it’s always about the thought that counts.